To be a successful organization, you need to clearly articulate your vision and goals and choose the best strategies to achieve them. The next step is to unify and train your lay and professional team to implement your plan. Fridman Strategies offers the expertise to help you chart your course, execute your plan and move your mission forward.

Nanette Fridman is passionate about helping organizations get where they want to go effectively and efficiently. Whether Nanette is called in to help a nonprofit clarify its mission, facilitate their strategic plan, make changes to their board’s organizational structure, or diversify their fundraising, the one thing she invariably finds one thing everyone can benefit from: having an outside expert offer perspective, facilitation and training.

The truth is that leaders do get bogged down with the minutiae of day to day operations. Fridman Strategies will keep you focused on the organization’s bigger priorities by getting your team up to speed on best practices for organizational development, governance and fundraising. Best of all, we will also energize and motivate your team.

After assessing your needs, Nanette will determine the fastest, most cost-effective way to address them. Service plans are designed after a thorough consultation and evaluation process.

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